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minimalist phone, the digital detox app for smartphone users, announces 350,000 download milestone

The phone app minimalist phone has surpassed 350,000 downloads as of July 2022, with over 50 % of downloads coming from North America.

minimalist phone, the digital detox app for smartphone users, announces 350,000 download milestone
minimalist phone - digital detox app

minimalist phone is available for Android smartphones on the Google play store. It reduces time spent on the screen which is really helpful for productivity and well-being.

MUNICH - September 5, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

"This is an important milestone for our app, and speaks to how minimizing screen time resonates with people around the world, especially considering this has largely been a one-person endeavor with a modest marketing budget," notes creator Martin Moravek. "I'm incredibly excited to see where the next year takes us."

minimalist phone app launched in 2020, initially as a response to the COVID pandemic and the adverse effects increased phone usage was having on phone users' overall well-being. Morávek sees the app as a potential solution for multiple phone overuse-related issues, such as insomnia, time management, productivity, and depression. The app has options for both free and premium/full versions.

Unlike other minimalist-oriented smartphone solutions, the minimalist app doesn't require an expensive $200 new phone purchase - it can work with an existing phone and comes in both a free and premium version so that there is something for everyone. And unlike competitors, minimalist phone doesn't prevent people from texting, calling, or using their favorite apps, since realistically these functions are often required for scheduling and work. Instead, the app uses a unique layout, in-app time reminders, app hiding, notification filters, and a monochrome mode to gently nudge the user into reducing their screen time.

"Ultimately, 350k is just the beginning," predicts Morávek. "More and more people are looking for an effective solution to reduce their screen time without having to throw out their existing phone - and that demand isn't going to change anytime soon."

About minimalist phone

Minimalist phone is a software solution to reducing screen time and taking back productivity, available for devices using Android OS version 6.0 or higher. Launched in 2020 by founder Martin Morávek, minimalist phone is available in five languages and averages a 4.3/5 star rating in the global Play store. The app is offered in both free and premium versions, and allows users to fully customize their minimalist experience.

A short video review is available here.

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Original Source: minimalist phone, the digital detox app for smartphone users, announces 350,000 download milestone
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Margaret Larson’s New Book ‘Little Marjorie Ann: Stuck in the Mud’ is a Charming and Nostalgic Children’s Tale About Outdoor Fun Inspired by Real-Life...

BURIEN, Wash. - November 30, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Fulton Books author Margaret Larson, a family nurse practitioner and accomplished writer, has completed her most recent book "Little Marjorie Ann: Stuck in the Mud": a sweet and delightful adventure based on the true childhood stories of the author's mother, Marjorie Ann.

"The 'Little Marjorie Ann: Stuck in the Mud' story is based on a true childhood story told by eighty-six-year-old Marjorie Ann on a muddy walk up from a neighborhood Puget Sound beach. She was telling me how she loved the mud even after she got stuck in the mud when she was four years old," says Larson. "To this day, Marjorie Ann will not hesitate to have a good time walking in the mud even if it means she may get stuck."

Published by Fulton Books, Margaret Larson's book was inspired by weekly visits with her mother during the COVID-19 pandemic. Larson and her mother, Marjorie Ann, spent many Sundays walking along the beach, reviewing old scrapbooks and photo albums, and most importantly, talking about childhood memories. It was then that Larson realized that these memories could make great children's books. 

"Little Marjorie Ann: Stuck in the Mud" is the creative retelling of a time when Marjorie Ann went playing in the muddy swamp below her house. She quickly became stuck, but thankfully her brother Bob came to the rescue. He pulled her right out of her boots! Children will love this enjoyable story filled with the joy of spending time outdoors.

Readers who wish to experience this adorable work can purchase "Little Marjorie Ann: Stuck in the Mud" at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes & Noble.

Please direct all media inquiries to Author Support via email at [email protected] or via telephone at 877-210-0816.

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[email protected]

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Original Source: Margaret Larson's New Book 'Little Marjorie Ann: Stuck in the Mud' is a Charming and Nostalgic Children's Tale About Outdoor Fun Inspired by Real-Life Family Stories
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