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Post Covid-Crisis, TSplus Still Provides Remote Work Alternative Solutions

In the context of the pandemic which has strongly affected the business world over the past three years, many organizations had to look for solutions that enabled home working. Although the covid-19 crisis is coming to an end in most regions, this work trend hasn't slowed down. TSplus was one of the first to provide remote work alternative solutions and, today, still is.

TSplus Provides Remote Work Alternatives Solutions

Post-covid crisis, TSplus still provides secure, easy-to-use and budget-friendly remote working solutions

IRVINE, Calif. - December 22, 2022 - (

Remote Access software like TSplus is the best asset for enabling remote work. It provides a simple way to publish business applications on a central server or private cloud, and to deliver those apps using a corporate web portal available to all the employees regardless of their location, device, operating system, or browser they use.  

This is ideal for remote employees who use their personal computers and tablets to work from home. By installing the TSplus Web Remote Desktop Client, organizations can make all their apps accessible on the web to any type of hardware. TSplus Remote Access is a Terminal Server solution that includes its own built-in Web server and provides an HTML5 web client compatible with the most common browsers: Safari, Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome.

In a snap, IT administrators can easily publish Windows applications and full desktops on a Web Portal which is fully customizable with logo, background image, font type, color and more. This eliminates system-compatibility issues and saves hours of setup and unnecessary investments to deploy home working!  

In terms of security, which is a major concern when allowing workforce to work with personal devices often poorly secured, the sessions can be protected with web credentials (PIN code or email) and connections are well-secured with HTTPS and end-to-end encryption. Two Factor Authentication option is also available for a small extra cost.

What more, the TSplus Progressive Web App (PWA) can be installed on any device and acts as a local app to provide direct access to the web Portal. And with the universal printer recently optimized for HTML5 sessions, users can easily print any document locally. In case of need, an "Assist me" button enables the use of Remote Support for a screen sharing session with the TSplus Support Team.

TSplus offers a multi-platform, multi-device, easy to use solution on Mobile and Tablets as well, with zero drivers to install on the client side. This is the easiest way to enable remote work from any device.

In this regard, it is also a good ally in software deployment, web delivery of Windows legacy apps and international expansion.  

Installing Remote Work as an Alternative Remote Desktop Solution 

Two years ago, TSplus developed Remote Work as a response to the crisis to deliver a secure, easy-to-use-and-to-deploy remote work solution for organizations who needed to make the transition with small budgets and little time allocated for it.  

Remote Work is a specific Remote Desktop software that acts as a PC-to-PC Remote Gateway to grant direct remote access to employees' individual console sessions at their office Workstation from any device to seamlessly work from home.  

It is self-hosted on-premises or in the cloud on a single web server acting as a gateway, brokering connections between remote users and their office desktops. The TSplus Gateway Broker ensures that remote connections stay secure, going through a single sign-on customizable web portal.  

With Remote Work, organizations have a secure and budget-friendly solution to globalize home working.  

And with Winter holidays being just around the corner, it is good to know that there are some reliable solutions out there for maintaining productivity from the comfort of home.   

To know more, watch the video.  

Visit and discover the full suite of remote access solutions for IT professionals.

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Original Source: Post Covid-Crisis, TSplus Still Provides Remote Work Alternative Solutions
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Lofree Unveils the Lofree Flow, the Smoothest Mechanical Keyboard

The World's First Low-Profile Keyboard With Kailh Full POM Switch & Gasket Mount

Lofree, the renowned innovator in keyboard design, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated launch of its latest masterpiece, the Lofree Flow. As the world's first low-profile keyboard featuring Kailh Full POM Switch and Gasket Mount design, the Lofree Flow revolutionizes the typing experience with its exceptional smoothness and advanced features. The official launch of this groundbreaking keyboard is set to take place May 30 on Kickstarter.

The Lofree Flow sets a new standard in keyboard technology, combining the highly acclaimed Kailh Full POM Switches and innovative Gasket Mount design. The Kailh Full POM Switches offer an unprecedented level of smoothness, allowing users to enjoy a truly seamless and responsive typing experience. Coupled with the Gasket Mount design, which reduces vibrations and enhances stability, the Lofree Flow ensures every keystroke is precise, satisfying, and effortless.

Designed to impress both in performance and aesthetics, the Lofree Flow features an all-aluminum design that exudes elegance and durability. Its slim and sleek profile adds a touch of sophistication to any workspace while the ultra-thin construction enhances portability without compromising on quality. The keyboard also offers the flexibility of wireless or wired connectivity options, making it compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Versatility is at the core of the Lofree Flow's design. The hot-swappable functionality allows users to easily change switches without soldering, enabling customization and experimentation with different switch types to suit individual preferences. The RGB sidelits illuminate the keyboard with a captivating array of colors, creating a visually stunning ambiance that can be personalized to match any mood or style.

"We are proud to introduce the Lofree Flow, the smoothest mechanical keyboard designed to elevate the typing experience to a whole new level," said Ken Jiang, spokesperson for Lofree. "With its unique combination of Kailh Full POM Switches, Gasket Mount design, and exquisite craftsmanship, the Lofree Flow offers an ever-smoother feel over time, ensuring our users enjoy an unparalleled typing experience that enhances their productivity and creativity."

The Lofree Flow will be available on Kickstarter starting on May 30 at 9 a.m. ET. Early backers will have the opportunity to secure their unit and enjoy exclusive promotional offers. For more information and to experience the next generation of typing, visit

About Lofree:

Lofree is a lifestyle brand created by a group of brainy designers. Our founder and designer Tim Chu has 20 years of experience designing more than 150 electronic products in the keyboard and related consumer electronics businesses. We clearly understand the group of people who value their own loved space. Lofree develops interesting and professional products to inspire like-minded people to build their styled 2m² space at fingertips, chasing away the boring life. After the great popularity of mechanical keyboard series of DOT typewriter, TOUCH PBT, and 1% Transparent, FLOW will lead you to a new state of typing experience.

Contact Information:
Ken Jiang
[email protected]

Original Source: Lofree Unveils the Lofree Flow, the Smoothest Mechanical Keyboard
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