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Rimo3 Announces Integration With Liquidware FlexApp One and Enhanced Support for Nerdio Manager for Enterprise

Rimo3 Announces Integration With Liquidware FlexApp One and Enhanced Support for NME

Rimo3 Announces Integration With Liquidware FlexApp One and Enhanced Support for NME

Rimo3, the pioneer in automated application management solutions for Windows, today unveiled its latest product advancements, including integration with Liquidware FlexApp One, Microsoft Windows Package Manager (WPM), and enhanced support for Nerdio Manager for Enterprises (NME).  

These latest updates simplify and automate the transition and ongoing management experience for enterprises modernizing end-user workspaces, management planes, and packaging formats. The new release supports customers moving their applications to WPM using WPM private repositories, supports the FlexApp One packaging format, and provides additional advanced functionality for customers using NME. 

Liquidware FlexApp One

Administrators can now onboard FlexApp One packages by uploading them to their Rimo3 Cloud tenant, where they are automatically imported and tested against target Windows endpoints and workspaces, including AVD and Windows 365. Using WPM, users can export FlexApp One packages to Intune, WPM private repositories, and Nerdio Manager Unified Catalog.

"Our partnership with Rimo3 enables enterprises to eliminate manual processes and legacy system challenges during their migration and modernization initiatives," stated Jason E. Smith, VP of Product Marketing and Alliances, Liquidware. "Rimo3’s integration of FlexApp One gives administrators a single solution across architectures during and after migration and can supplement their MSIX and App Attach strategies while modernizing to the latest workspace of their choice, including Microsoft AVD. Further to this collaboration, we are pleased to designate Rimo3 as a Liquidware Ready Verified Partner."

Nerdio Manager for Enterprise (NME) 

Users configuring NME instances in Rimo3 can now automatically sync desktop images in addition to their connected WPM repositories. This enables testing any package on the custom images residing under NME. Rimo3 supports exporting any supported package type into Nerdio Manager. 

"We’re delighted to grow our partnership with Rimo3, who supports our vision for adding powerful capabilities in AVD, Windows 365, and Microsoft Intune," said Joseph Landes, CRO of Nerdio. "Thanks to our innovative collaboration, our latest integration support for Nerdio Manager is another huge improvement that brings IT managers and enterprises much closer to revolutionizing workspaces and enhancing application testing and management." 

Rimo3 has also enhanced its core service offering with improved WPM integration and other new advancements, including an update to their MSIX Packaging Tool. 

Mike Welling, CEO of Rimo3, highlighted the company's latest announcement, saying, "This release provides substantial new support for our enterprise customers and alliance partners who are providing strong alternatives to traditional virtual workspace products. Our focus on continued innovation, patents, and consistent, comprehensive, feature releases further solidify our commitment to providing top-tier solutions in application lifecycle management for the modern workspace." 

About Rimo3 

Rimo3 excels in automated Windows application migration, packaging format updates, and readiness testing for Windows 10, 11, Windows 365, and Azure Virtual Desktop. Rimo3 enables IT departments to hasten deployments and mitigate risks related to security updates and desktop/server environment changes. Its solutions are tailored for physical, virtual, and cloud workspaces, aiming to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and boost end-user productivity. Rimo3 partners with Microsoft, Nerdio, Broadcom, HP, and Citrix to prioritize the success of your applications and workspace needs. Learn more at

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Original Source: Rimo3 Announces Integration With Liquidware FlexApp One and Enhanced Support for Nerdio Manager for Enterprise
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