Saturday, May 18, 2024

SocialSiren Launches Full-Service Social Media Security App

The social media security company is crowdfunding to launch the one-stop-shop service.

SocialSiren, a social media security app, is launching a crowdfunding campaign to offer a one-stop shop for social media account protection to keep social media accounts on lock. SocialSiren is a creator's trusted social media partner that ensures social media accounts are protected from hackers.

Reports from the Identity Theft Resource Center show that social media account hijacking has increased 1000% in the last 12 months. Trouble caused by hijacked accounts doesn't stop at a failed login. Losing access to social media accounts can be devastating from many perspectives, and hacked social media accounts have the potential to compromise more than online security. 

In a post-pandemic, digital-first world, the loss of an account can result in a negative financial impact, causing content creators and influencers to lose access to an online income stream. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, 27% of account hijacking victims told the ITRC they'd lost sales revenue when they lost control of their social media.

"I'm busy focusing on creating content. When it comes time to handle the logistics of security, analytical data and executing a plan, SocialSiren is my go-to app to navigate success," said SocialSiren Partner and Creator Alexander Denning. "If you're building a business on your social media platforms and are investing your money and time, make sure SocialSiren is a part of your plan."

The SocialSiren app provides suspicious activity real-time monitoring across all connected social media accounts with 24/7 real-time alerts via text, push notification and email the minute they happen. The paid version of SocialSiren includes SirenGuard, where the app notifies users when a password change is detected on any account. If users reply stating they were hacked, SocialSiren's team will secure the account and provide reset instructions when the hacker's information has been removed. The paid app also includes SirenLock, our set-it-and-forget-it feature, for when a password or other high-level security change occurs on a locked account. When a security issue is detected, SocialSiren technicians will automatically secure the account and notify users.

"The idea for SocialSiren came to me after learning about the heightened amount of cybercrime on social media and how little most users are protected and how confusing it can be to regain account access," said James Moran, SocialSiren Founder. "I'm excited to work on increasing security on social media and to take SocialSiren to the next level."

About Social Siren:

SocialSiren is the ultimate console for social media account protection, and we've got your socials on lock. SocialSiren is a user's trusted social media partner that ensures your accounts are protected from hackers with notifications the minute they happen.


James Moran, Founder

[email protected]

Alexander Denning, Partner

[email protected] 

Jennifer Demartini, Director of Marketing

[email protected]

Contact Information:
Alexander Denning
[email protected]

Jennifer Demartini
Marketing Director
[email protected]

James Moran
[email protected]

Original Source: SocialSiren Launches Full-Service Social Media Security App
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