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TSplus Updates Keep Improving User Experience

Every month, the TSplus development team releases at least one update for Remote Access and Advanced Security software; and every other month for the rest of the product line. For the past two years, these regular updates include a fair number of improvements focused on the user experience. Read on for more details.

TSplus Improves UX

For the past two years, TSplus regular updates include a fair number of improvements focused on the user experience

IRVINE, Calif. - October 13, 2022 - (

Historically, TSplus is built on one core solution: Remote Access for remote desktop and Windows application delivery. Over the years, the product line has developed to offer a complete package for remote infrastructures, including network security, server monitoring, remote support, and home office solutions.

A Uniform Remote Access Software Suite

As TSplus' core software has evolved to better fit modern design and its customers' expectations, the rest of the suite has been improved independently. Since the developer's strategy switched to a more comprehensive approach, it became mandatory to unify the style and operations of all applications. The goal is that TSplus customers easily find their way with each product of the range, reducing the learning curve and facilitating deployments.  

For the last two years, many efforts have been made to improve the User Experience, starting with the complete redesign and harmonization of the products' interfaces, in order to deliver a smoother experience, with an easy-to-use administration tool, quick actions buttons, an intuitive navigation and simplified setting. The main illustration of this strategy was the introduction in 2021 of the LITE modes, both for Remote Access and Advanced Security: a "light" version of the AdminTool aiming to help first-time users, with a minimalist interface focusing on the essential features for a quick and easy start.

Visually, the applications all consist in a main interface with visible tabs for each major feature. The installation setups are also very similar. The parameters are presented to guide the user step by step in the software' deployment. The branding, such as color codes, modern logos and icons have been standardized to build an identifiable and trustworthy offer.

As an example, TSplus released this year a completely new version of Server Monitoring in this spirit: The new interface respects the wishes of users in terms of accessibility (exit the browser-based app) and organization of features.

An Evolution in Tune With The User Experience  

A key factor of TSplus' evolution towards a better User Experience is the integration of customer comments and feedback into every new update. One of the ways TSplus is doing that is based on the Support Team's reports. All feature requests and issues are listed and transmitted to the Development team who starts immediately working on a solution for the next release.

This constant communication and collaboration help TSplus to keep up with customer expectations and get great insights for improving the overall User Experience.

For instance, the feedback from Remote Access users recently led to add great enhancements to the Farm Manager. The feature has been entirely redeveloped to allow central management of all servers from a unique interface integrated within the AdminTool, with a simplification of the farm administration such as adding servers and duplicating parameters over all servers in a click.

At the moment, TSplus is preparing to release a brand-new version of Remote Support, based on customers' requests: it will offer a simpler and quicker way to start remote sessions, very similar to what customers are already used to with the competition.   

All these additions are meant to make life easier for Users, Network Administrators and IT Support teams. Therefore, TSplus is urging its clients to subscribe to the Support/Update service which is now extended to Advanced Security to benefit from each new enhancement.

To purchase TSplus Update and Support service, visit the website.  

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