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AccelByte Achieves ISO 27001 Certification

AccelByte Demonstrates Dedication to Security and Data Protection

AccelByte has achieved the ISO 27001 certification to secure the data and privacy of its customers. This certification cements the company's dedication to protecting game studios building on the AccelByte platform, including players and their data. 

The ISO 27001 certification is highly regarded in information security, setting the standard for protecting sensitive data and maintaining an organization's IT systems. This internationally recognized certification demonstrates a company's commitment to information security management and builds trust with clients and partners, assuring them that their data is well-protected.

The certification process started with full support from AccelByte's leadership. The undertaking involved gap analysis of security, regular risk assessments, and documentation of processes. To cultivate a security-conscious culture within the company, AccelByte conducted regular training and awareness sessions.

AccelByte's Senior Manager, Security, IT, and Compliance, Que Sengmany shares, "We know player data security and protection is a top priority for many of our customers. That's why the highest levels of security posture are also a non-negotiable requirement for AccelByte. Our ISO 27001 journey has been truly transformative. It demanded dedication, collaboration, and a willingness to adapt. As a result, we have fortified our security posture, boosted trust and credibility, and created a more resilient organization. Most importantly, we've discovered that the real value of ISO 27001 certification lies not in the certificate itself but in its tangible benefits to our business, employees, and clients."

"We are proud to have provided consulting services to AccelByte for their ISO 27001 certification and to have contributed to their success. The leadership team demonstrated a strong commitment to information security and fostered a culture of awareness throughout the organization. With this certification, AccelByte will continue to improve their information security posture, protect their valuable assets and increase confidence among their stakeholders," said Dennis Cunanan, Managing Director of Corporate Prime Solutions Inc., a management system consulting firm based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. 

Achieving this certification is part of AccelByte's commitment to a continuous improvement culture, ensuring information security practices remain solid and effective in an ever-evolving landscape. 

About AccelByte, Inc.

AccelByte is a massively scalable and extensible backend platform for live game services that helps creators focus on what matters most: making awesome games. The AccelByte platform powers lobby, friends, cross-platform matchmaking, cloud progression, and season pass, among other services. Founded in 2016, AccelByte was created by game industry veterans who have engineered online systems behind some of the largest platforms in the world, including Epic Online Store, Xbox Live, and EA Origin and is backed by SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Galaxy Interactive, NetEase, KRAFTON, Dreamhaven, and key angel investors. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @AccelByteInc. 

Contact Information:
Ryleigh Hazen
Marketing Manager II
[email protected]

Original Source: AccelByte Achieves ISO 27001 Certification
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Empowering the Future: SourceLess Presents Revolutionary Solutions at Europe’s Premier Crypto Gathering, Web3 Berlin 2023

SourceLess Revolutionizes the Blockchain Industry by Unveiling the SourceLess Wallet and wNFT Platform at Web3 Berlin 2023, Europe's Largest Crypto and NFT Conference, Setting the Stage for the First World Wide Blockchain

Empowering the Future: SourceLess Presents Revolutionary Solutions at Europe’s Premier Crypto Gathering, Web3 Berlin 2023
Empowering the Future - Sourceless Presents Revolutionary Solutions at Web3 Berlin 2023

Empowering the Future - Sourceless Presents Revolutionary Solutions at Web3 Berlin 2023

SourceLess, a revolutionary blockchain technology company, is set to officially launch its cutting-edge technologies at the upcoming Web3 Berlin 2023 conference. The major event, Europe's largest crypto and NFT gathering, will take place on June 10-11, bringing together an audience of 8,000 attendees and over 300 expert speakers to explore and discuss the latest trends and technologies shaping the future of the Web3 ecosystem.

With the introduction of the SourceLess Wallet and the wNFT platform, SourceLess aims to reshape the blockchain industry and establish a leading role in this technology space, marking a significant milestone in its mission to create the first World Wide Blockchain.

The ground-breaking innovations SourceLess brings to the table will debut with the SourceLess Wallet - a decentralized crypto wallet that promises unmatched security, privacy, and offline functionality to its users. The wallet features a highly intuitive interface and exclusively encrypts all wallet information on the user's device, eliminating the risks associated with centralized authentication systems.

In parallel, SourceLess introduces the wNFT platform, a gateway to a new era of digital ownership. Going beyond digital art, this platform offers a diverse range of NFTs, each representing lifetime ownership of an STR.domain with real-world benefits. Additionally, the platform hosts valuable utility NFT collections from esteemed partners that bridge the physical and digital realms, providing tangible value to its users.

Through the wNFT platform, users will have the opportunity to acquire, which play a central role in the SourceLess ecosystem. These domains offer lifetime ownership, a stable and secure online presence, complete control over digital identity, and the ability to tokenize businesses. They enable the creation of websites or applications with simple commands, boast zero transaction costs, and provide tools for scalability and communication within the ecosystem.

Web3 Berlin 2023 serves as the perfect event for SourceLess to unveil its groundbreaking technologies and marks the first step in establishing its comprehensive ecosystem. As the project continues to develop its offerings, it aims to create a more intelligent and interconnected web — the first World Wide Blockchain.

SourceLess Labs Foundation - Linking the World, Empowering the Future

Contact Information:
Iulian Bondari
Head of Marketing
[email protected]

Original Source: Empowering the Future: SourceLess Presents Revolutionary Solutions at Europe's Premier Crypto Gathering, Web3 Berlin 2023
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